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"I can't feel my feeler!"

The Mine is still alive and accumulating a vast amount of debris despite my initial attempts at ensuring cleanliness. The jumping spider was around again today, and little has occurred that's worth mentioning, except...

Well, there's this one ant with a problem. The boof head ants are predisposed to occasionally dragging one another around by the limbs, sometimes even picking up and carrying each other about. One ant, who I assume was being dragged about by the antennae, has ended up quite hindered by this trait.

One may predict that the ant had its antennae ripped right off. This is not the case. It still has its antennae.

It also has the ant that was dragging it around by its antennae still attached to said antennae, as that particular ant decided that, mandibles clenched upon another ant, it would expire.

So now there's this ant with a corpse stuck to its feeler, sadly trying to dislodge its cadaverous passenger by sadly wiping its antennae and damned to carry it around until she meets a similar fate.

It's almost enough to make me open the Mine up and free her.