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Naturally, I've not yet bothered to take the promised pictures of the current residents of the Mine. The new ants are drearily dull, and are ever huddled in the bottom right corner of the Mine, lain across their precious and, I suspect, dead eggs. I'm hoping that, come warmer weather, they'll become more active. I'm also hoping they'll eat their own eggs, just because.

Today I decided to make the Mine a little more interesting. This involved catching a big black spider (they live all over the current residence, and can grow quite large) and inserting it into the Mine. Figuring that the spider, now terrified, needed some prey to make it more active, I then captured:

1 Woodlouse
1 Witchetty grub
1 non-descript black grub that I originally thought was dead
1 Bush cockroach
and 1 Earwig with large pincers

The woodlouse and the cockroach just huddled into corners, where they were left unbothered by the ants, who had come out to investigate their new playmates. The witchetty grub and non-descript grub started exploring the mine, to their demise. The ants nipped them constantly, and the witchetty grub was soon subdued and dead. The black grub, however, tempted fate and lingers around the spider, whose name is Ungoliant - a precarious position, with ants on one side and a spider on the other. I don't expect the grub to survive much longer.

The earwig was quite amusing to watch. I noticed it chewing on something, and, upon closer inspection, found it to be the old bodies of the ants that killed the Boof-head ants. It has not been harassed by any other occupant.

My dream is that Ungoliant will spin her wicked web in one chamber of the Mine, while the ants will raise their young with stories of terror about the shadowy shape that lingers yonder. However, it's more likely that they'll all die of starvation.

Whereat I'll find a new cast for this endless deathly drama.