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So short a time has passed since my last update, yet the Mine has just had a massive overhaul. All the little ants that loved their sugar have been done away with -- disposed of when the mine was purged in record time -- and now a new breed of ant bemusedly occupies the fabled chambers of the Ant Mine.

My reasons for this abrupt development are obvious: eggs. Or, more correctly, LARVAE!

On a whim, while I was playing in the garden (it has been a lovely winter day), I upturned a cement slab and was greeted by piles of squirming baby ants. Hence, I refitted the Mine with these grubs and a host of their carers. Alas, no queen -- but I hope one of the grubs may grow to be a fat, egg-hurling ant to adorn the artificial caverns I write about.

I shall post pictures of the new residents later, as I've a chamber orchestra to go to and have spent far too much time staring at ants already.