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Invasion of the Ants

I woke up only a few moments ago to find the Mine had been conquered!

As I stumbled through the kitchen, the bleary ache of sleep oppressing me greatly, I glanced out the window and noticed that the ants weren't in a big mass around their well, as is the norm. Figuring they must be hiding in another section of the mine, and curious as to why that may be, I went out to take a closer look.

Instead of boof head ants boofing about, there were boof head ant corpses and little ants swarming through the mine, stealing the sugar!

This is by far the greatest development in the mine (and probably a small mercy to the boof heads). My colleague and I had planned to eventually introduce another ant into the mine for the purpose of ant-wars, but to have it occur naturally was completely unexpected.

I'm going to let these small ants have their run of the mine, and see if they take it over (though they can obviously enter and leave at their will, due to their size).

To the memory of the boof head ants.