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Genesis 1.3

So, after a few weeks of letting the Mine serve as a morgue, I decided to clean it out entirely and start anew. This is a banal affair and I'll spare my one reader (who is also the author of this journal) the details, save this: when I was pulling the dried cotton wool out of the drinking container, there were a number of ants that had burrowed into said cotton wool and become stuck. One of these ants, however, decided that death was undecidedly manly and proceeded to get up and run around...

After weeks of being stuck in a compacted wad of cotton wool, surrounded by the corpses of her sisters, this ant just got up and ran off. I really wanted to catch it, to have a veteran of the Mine in there, leading the new ants into a glorious future and sharing the secrets of immortality. But it ran off.

Immortal ants aside, the Mine is now up and running (around quite madly), and has:

  • About 60 freshly abducted ants
  • A pile of breadcrumbs
  • A lot less debris than in past incarnations of the Mine
  • A shitload of eggs stolen from the same source as the last batch
  • a mosquito that tried to bite me while I was catching ants

I intend to take better care of these ants, and shall not overload it with as many ants as I can catch (as I have done in the past).

Also, while I was watching the ants frantically explore their new environment (in search of egress), a jumping spider came along and began stalking ants as they ran underneath the clear plastic it sat upon. It tried to leap on a few, then sat there bemusedly, unable to grasp the concept of invisible force fields.